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                                                    Dyfed Chess Association
  Website created and maintained by Paul Orton  me@paulorton.com    Last modified 27th Feb 2021       Online chess in Wales     Welsh Online Ratings (Lichess) Details      Dyfed Online League 2020-21  Details   Dyfed Online Closed 2021  Details               Howard Williams is the winner!                                             WCU Open League 2020  Newport and Friends are the winners!      WCU U1800 League 2020         North Cardiff Panthers are the winners!               WCU Online Blitz Championships WCU Online Blitz Championships        Coming soon                                     Dyfed Online League Rd 8      Mar  2      Aberystwyth  v  Steynton B      Mar  2      Cardigan  v  U.C. Aberystwyth A      Mar  2      U.C. Aberystwyth B  v  Steynton A WCU Open League 2021       WCU U1800 League 2021              Both starting on Tue, March 16          Register your team by Feb 28th at the latest but the earlier the better. You have to register at least 4 players per team anytime up until Sun Mar 7th. Further additions to the team can be made up until Mar 14th. There are two forms you will need to fill in. One for the Team and captain's details and the other for the player registration. You will need the players WCU rating and lichess id to complete the form. There's a minimum of 4 players per team up to a maximum of 8. Here is the link for Team Registrations. There's a link to the player's registration form from the Team Registration form. Best Regards    Mark Adams - WCU Executive Director                                     Over the board chess                               (remember?)                                                 Dyfed Congress 2020     View games :  Open  Rd1  Rd2  Rd3  Rd4  Rd5                                       Download all     View games :  Major  Rd1  Rd2  Rd3  Rd4  Rd5                                       Download all                                                        ** coming soon **               Dyfed Closed 2019 View games                                                                 Download                                                        
            Dyfed Chess Association
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48 th  Dyfed Chess Congress                           February 22nd-24th 2019                                       Report and photos                                                    Open games :-    play through :                        Round 1       Round 2       Round 3       Round 4       Round 5                                                        All games in PGN                                                                         Major games :-    play through :   All rounds                                                             All games in PGN         Latest Dyfed League results                                Carmarthen   1  Aberystwyth Univ  3     13/2/2019                                                            Steynton C   0    Aberystwyth  4     4/3/2019                                          Cardigan A   4  Cardigan B  0     7/3/2019                                        Carmarthen   2  Steynton A   2      7/3/2019                                          Steynton B   1  Carmarthen   3     12/3/2019                                             Aberystwyth Univ   1  Cardigan A   3     12/3/2019    All fixtures                                        Coming soon….                                                                                                                                                                                                          Apr 7          WCU AGM - 2pm                                               Pencoed Miners Welfare Hall, Heol-y-Groes, Pencoed, Bridgend CF355PE                                       Apr 19-22   Welsh Chess Championships                                       Radisson Park Inn Hotel, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, CF23 9XF  Entry Form                  Apr 28         Welsh Chess Premier League                  May 10-12   Rhyl Chess Congress  Rhyl Town Hall   Entry Form                      May 25-27   51st Cotswold Congress  King's School, Gloucester  Entry Form                     Jun 21-23    4th North Wales Congress                                       Venue Cymru, Promenade, Llandudno, LL30 1BB                      Jul 7-12       South Wales International                                       Best Western Heronston Hotel, Bridgend, CF35 5AW   Entry Form
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